Fishes of the Maldives by Rudie H. Kuiter

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Fishes of the Maldives Rudie H. Kuiter

I’ve posted quite a few images recently from my trip to the Maldives, but I’ve been hampered by the lack of a decent ID book. Well, no longer!

Being a bit of an old-school personality, I really like to have a good solid ID book on my desk to help with sorting out my images. My much-loved Indian Ocean Reef Guide by Helmut Debelius doesn’t cover as many species as I’d like and my copy, from 1998, may have a few binomials that are no longer accurate.

Fishes of the Maldives Rudie H. Kuiter

So, I reached out to Atoll Editions in Australia who publish a number of guide books and maps, aimed at divers and snorkelers to use across the Maldivian archipelago, and asked for a review copy of their 2014 book, Fishes of the Maldives, by Rudie H. Kuiter. Based on an earlier book from 1998, this updated version has almost 300 pages of good quality images, ideal for identifying fish. Some species are shown in multiple photos to illustrate differences between juvenile and adult phases.

Fishes of the Maldives Rudie H. Kuiter

Given the weight limits imposed by many airlines, I’m pleased to say the book is also available for download, for iOS and Android devices.

Check it out here:



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