Check out this guy reel in a monster grouper on  a kayak! Cape Coral, Florida resident John Black had a 552 pound grouper on his line for a couple of intense moments, and lucky for us, it was all caught on camera on Friday. In this video, you can watch the giant grouper come up to the top of the surface on Black’s line, off the coast of Sanibel, Florida, and see it close-up while it makes a huge splash in the water. This fish measured in at 83 inches long and 73 inches in girth, and an estimated 552 pounds. The fish was released after the measurements were taken. While this is a giant catch, it does not break the record for the largest grouper caught in Florida. Grouper species can get up to 800 or more pounds and up to 7 feet long. They are a very popular local fish in Florida. However, many people are speculating this may well be the largest grouper ever caught on kayak.

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