Fluoroscenes 1

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Reefs in Art, Science | 0 comments

Coral Morphologic presents Fluoroscenes 1 – an album of nine records inspired by the corals’ cosmic ability to synchronize their lives to Earth’s daily rotation around its axis, the Moon’s monthly revolution around Earth, and Earth’s yearly revolution around the Sun. Incorporating NASA audio samples of sounds recorded from our solar system & beyond, Fluoroscenes 1 presents corals as sojourners on a galactic trip around a black hole that humans are still trying to comprehend.
The Print Edition features a set of nine 5″ x 5″ photographs, each inspiring one of the records on the album. First edition limited to 23 photo sets, hand numbered & stamped with the Universal Corallimorph logo.

To purchase, visit: ‘Fluoroscenes 1’


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