Fluval Offers New Line of Products Aimed at the Marine Hobby

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Corals, Equipment, Fish, Industry, Invertebrates, Tanks | 0 comments

A trusted name in the aquarium world has just announced the release of a new line of marine aquarium products. Fluval, a name we all have come to know, will now be offering a variety of marine aquarium products to compete with pump companies, salt companies, and even protein skimmer companies. Here is a list of the SEA product lines Fluval will be offering:

  • LED Lighting
  • Marine & Reef Salt
  • Marine Supplements
  • Circulation Pumps
  • Protein Skimmer
  • Aquarium Pumps
  • Aquatic Epoxy Stick
  • Hydrometer

FLuval Sea cluster

Looking very streamlined this new product base is a great step for a company who has been in the foreground of the Marine industry for the past few years. Check out all the new products here!


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