The annual Global Pet Expo in Orlando is the largest pet product show in the USA. It is a chance for manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest products to thousands of retailers, distributers and industry insiders. Fluval made a big splash by unveiling their all new Premium Fresh Water Aquarium Series at the event.DSC_1262

The Fluval F-Aquariums  have been thoroughly thought out and designed to ensure a clean modern presentation.  The F-Aquarium Series are offered in 15 gallon, 22.5 gallon and a 34 gallon sizes.  The glass tanks sport Fluvals unique frosted glass framing which conceals the water line at the surface and gravel debris at the bottom. The aquarium are cleverly predrilled and include integrated filtration fittings to allow under tank connection to a Fluval canister filter . This great feature eliminates the need for external hosing and reduces electrical wire clutter.

The  units are equipped with Fluval’s Aqualife and Plant Performance LED lights and tastefully suspended by sleek brackets connected to the rear of the aquarium. The  LED’s efficiency lighting systems have been engineered with Multi LED technology for powerful spectral performance that will drive lush plant growth while providing pleasant viewing.


Aquarium Features:

  • Integrated frosted glass framing, conceals water line at surface and gravel debris at  bottom
  • Quick connect in tank filter fittings for a convenient aesthetic presentation
  • Suspended Performance LED strip light illumination for a modern look and easy aquarium access
  • Performance LED lighting with energy efficient full photosynthetic capability for fast growth & lush aquatic plant displays
  • “Anti  Jump” top shield
  • Fluval ’06 series canister filtration for excellent water quality
  •  Fluval  M-Aquarium heater
  • Modern Cabinet, blends into and enhances home and work environments

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DSC_1286 DSC_1265

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