For your bucket list consideration: Four epic underwater restaurants

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The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the world’s first and only all-glass undersea restaurant. It is part of the Conrad Hotel and Resorts in the Maldives, serving indulgent European tasting menus inside a full glass archway that looks out into the tropical Indian Ocean reef.  The immersive view is mind-blowing as seen in the video below.


The Red Sea Star is located in (surprise, surprise) the Red Sea at Eilat, Israel.  Like Ithaa, the restaurant and bar at the Red Sea Star boasts true coral reef views in its case, 62 panoramic amorphous windows looking out into the Gulf of Aqaba.  No website exists for this restaurant; we hope it’s still open!



Opening February 1, 2016, The Real Poseidon in Ahmedabad is India’s first underwater dining experience.  It shares a similar archway design to the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant.  Diners have the choice of Punjabi, Thai, Chinese and Mexican cuisines, but as is often the case in many parts of India, everything is vegetarian.  Another drawback is that unlike the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, The Real Poseidon is simply underwater (a massive aquarium), but not truly undersea.  On the plus side, it is the most affordable and accessible of these underwater dining destinations.


Another Maldivian destination, the restaurant at the Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and some of the world’s most luxurious wines  The restaurant is located at the end of an undersea walkway extending into the Maldivian coral reef.  Massive windows grant diners nearly unobstructed panoramic views of natural reef life to accompany their expensive (~$150 to $500 USD) culinary experiences.

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