Ammon Covino, the former Portland Aquarium Co-Owner, who was sentenced to a year and a day in prison, along with hefty fines, for conspiring to buy protected sharks and rays that were illegally harvested from Florida, was arresting last week for alleged violations of his probation terms. The terms of his sentencing also barred him from working in the aquarium industry, or buying, selling, exhibiting, possessing or shipping fish or wildlife while on probation. He ended up serving seven months out of his prison term and was serving his probation when he was arrested for the alleged probation violations last week. The allegations against him are that he violated the terms of his probation by working for aquariums.He was arrested by Federal probation officers in Texas. An Austin judge denied his request for bond. He is being transferred to District Court in Miami, to await his hearing on the charge. However, there are no more official facts as to the specific allegations of his violation or where he was allegedly working. Although some sources say that Covino was seen at the Austin Aquarium, which is owned by Covino’s relatives. Covino co-owned the Idaho Aquarium with his brother, Vince Covino. Vince Covino also owns an aquarium in Austin and San Antonio.MORE

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