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yea next month is the giant auction, but theres more fresh than saltwater fish. maybe whoeva comes by bring a small frag or somethin to auction off. make it a lil more interesting for the reefers.


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Wow that sounds cool , I never knew of this event
The club has been around for a while..just celebrated 100 the last meeting there was talk of hosting macna 2014. But it is true, they do have 90% fresh water hobbist, not much salt water. The auctions are mostly fresh water livestock and items. Not much salt water items. But once in a while you get good salt water stuff at great price. I got two ORA Spotcintus (A. bicinctus)for $20 back in june.


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Brooklyn, NY
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I live on east 13th in Brooklyn. I never got around to putting up shades. After going broke during construction I didn't have any money left for window treatments so for the last 2 years we have the paper shades that just stick on. I want to change all the windows on the house this summer and add a few once that's done i'll get shades. For now when you drive down east 13th you can't miss the blue lights! You can even see fish swimming. I am not going to tell you where on east 13th street to keep this semi interesting but if you see it knock on my door! I need some live reefing buddies, all I have is virtual friends online. What do you think all those signs in the subways are for? "if you see something say something" lol

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