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Funny enough most tank owners love to show them off, I know that the fios guys and the dominos delivery guy showed interest in my tank as well as the ups guy and I said to them( hey you wanna check it out) I love it when people ooooh and Ahhh at my clams responding to shadows, and my cleaner shrimp jumping into my hand to pic at it!!! Again it depends on a persons personality and ones approach .

I agree. It's all about you and how you deal with people. We all know Duke :rolleyes: :banghead: :sigh:



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I've been following this too. APPROACH HIM ALREADY.....I'm getting antsy!! lmao

BTW, I think Awilda had the best idea. Have a frag of something in hand and the door will open that much quicker. ;) Great idea Awilda.


Thank you Russ!:hug:

Just do not make it a GSP, Capanella, Anthelia, or any of the known corals that can take over a tank.;)

DO NOT WEAR THAT T-SHIRT!LOL And don't listen to James! Not everyone is so cynical or grumpy.;) Stop generalizing New Yorkers, there are way to many of us to fit in to a single box.:tongue1:

BTW, why is everyone assuming it is a dude? Could be a gal you know.:biggrin:
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wow...this is a total stalker thread!
And of course, I read every post on all 7 pgs.

You could always write a letter...push it under their door.

I wouldn't lead with "Hey can I see your LEDs?"
I would read that as "Hey can I see your set up and when you are not home ...make them my setup?"



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This thread is so hilarious. you guys need to go to reefer rehab. if you knock on my door asking about my tank imma look at you just like I look at the crackheads that try to sell me xxx on my block.. unless they have a laptop or sumthing like that.. as I think about it that whole bringing a frag thing might work.
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Just ask yourself if someone came to your door you don't know asking about your prized tank what would you say? Get the ?*#] outta here. Leave it alone. If you see him outside might be a better approach.


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Screw that, you guys are so paranoid , wake up it's just a fish tank, you say leave it alone as if I was approaching the guy with hostility or about a previous altercation lol Brooklyn is not that bad guys we are not in the 80s anymore !!! Going for it today guys wish me luck!!!!! It's 630 pm or never!!

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