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Do it Yourself! DIY Ecotech MP40, MP60 Extension Cables
02-20-2019, 05:10 PM
Hello Reefers, I installed MP60's and my Gyre XF280 across from MP60 and since am running the wires in J channels which are mounted on the wall to make it neat and clean, Mp60 wires are short and not reaching the drivers, So I decided to make extension cables for MP60's, I was able to reach out fellow reefer on RC and he gave me the list of part numbers there are total 6 parts required for this project, 1. Molex mini fit jr Male, 2. Molex mini fit jr Female, 10 pin Molex Male connector, 10 pin Molex Female Connector, 10 conductor 22 AWG wire and Molex crimping tool, I was able to find all the parts from Digi Key and they are cheap, I bought enough wire roll and connectors and mini fit jr pins enough for my project and I make 4 8 foot extension cables, Process is easy, female pins go in male molex connector and each color of the wire should end up on same pin on both ends of the connectors and you will have your self extension cables, it took me 1 hr to put all 4 extension cables, here are some of the pictures of the part numbers and crimping pictures which is the hardest part but once you crimp 1 or 2 pints you will get more efficient.. here are the pictures....
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