jnelson's FW Fluval Spec


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Figure it's about time I made my own thread for this, since I technically got the tank, haha.

Anywho. Picked up a couple of new plants today - some Amazon Swords to fill in the back corners and a Banana Plant to go front and center. Pretty good FW plant prices at my LFS (Coral Aquarium in Queens, NY).

Tank Specs (no pun intended):
- Fluval Spec
- Stock lights, pump, filter media (carbon/Biomax/foam)
- Approx. 2 lb. black gravel substrate
- Approx. 1 lb. of stones
- Trio of Neon Tetras
- Java Moss
- Amazon Swords
- Banana Plant

Future Plans:
- Some kind of lighting upgrade (but I want to keep the stock look as much as possible)
- Will need a heater (also trying to keep the stock look) in a month or two.

And some pictures!

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Off to a nice start.
The amazon swords will quickly outgrow the tank though.
Maybe try some nice easy small leaved stem plants for the back or some small crypts.