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I have a manhattan reefs cooler which we should have at the swap for sale and a few hand warmers to keep your livestock that you have purchased nice and warm till you get home. I've been to many many many swaps and this worked everytime :)


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The vendors will bag the corals up for you right there, which you can take with you. Most vendors will hold corals for you, as long as you pay for them first, and when you're ready they'll bag them up for you to take.

Most people come with coolers to store the corals or you can buy a Manhattan Reefs cooler, which are available at the swap. If you have a cooler you can carry it around with you or place it in your car. You will be allowed to leave the swap and comeback to put things into your car if needed.



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Here is all the information that you need to know:


For those using a GPS to get there:

Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11205

The Swap will be held in the Student Union Building.

Here is the information on how to get to Pratt for the swap via driving & subway and the Campus map:

Do note the Swap is being held at the BROOKLYN CAMPUS - follow the CORRECT set of directions!


Here is the info about parking at the Pratt Campus:
When you enter the campus at 200 Willoughby Ave (in the middle of the block on your right hand side)- there will be a Security Booth. The Security Guards will instruct you on where to park.
The entrance to the Swap is in the Student Union Building across from that Security Booth. There will be a Manhattan Reefs sign on the outside of the building.

The Swap begins at 10AM and ends by 6 PM.

Schedule of Events:
10:00 AM - Doors Open
11:00 AM - Speaker - Dr. Craig Bingman
Lunch - is available all day
1:00 PM - Fragging Demonstration
1:30 PM - Tank Cover Building Demonstration
2:00 PM - Speaker - Colin Foord
3:00 PM - Fragging Demonstration
4:00 PM - Raffle
6:00 PM - Doors Close

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