10+ years on MR and still have a tank roll call


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Flushing, NYC
Since 2008...my 1st two clownfish and a royal gamma (hiding somewhere) are still here.


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Been here since 2007. I've learned alot in that time. My first tank was a 29 gallon with crushed coral and and undergravel filter. Nothing much to look at. Today finally achieved some great results. Thanks MR!


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Been here since '08 was a complete noob then. Still a noob, just older & better looking :LOL:.

Been through a few tanks & a house fire. But current reef will be up for a year come christmas.


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Been here since '07, started the hobby 2 years prior. Heading towards my 13th year on MR.

Been through quite a few project tanks and all but had 4 main tanks all throughout 29g, 75g, 210g and now I have had this 150g cube for about 6 years.


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Been here for 12 years :) Never left the hobby, the tank been running with ups and downs, I have a percula clown fish pair I got from someone here and he had the pair for 3 years himself. Still have them. This hobby changed a lot since i started but still happy to be growing coral for booger size frags :)


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Astoria NYC
I've been a member for 12 YEARS as of 5 days ago and man do I wish I had the same tank running for that long but with moves, you have upgrades! It's crazy going back to my original tank thread and seeing that beautiful 125 gallon non drilled tank that flooded every few months lol! I had no clue what I was doing and bought rock with hair algae thinking to myself...........wow this ia amazing colorful green rock lol

Moved twice since due to work and up graded from a 125 to a 180 to 220 and now getting my 300 this Sunday!!

This hobby is awesome and you simply continue to learn the longer you stick it out!


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Hillside NJ
15 years here no salty tank but I do have a freshwater planted.

I still get that awe I had when I was 16 whenever I see that blue wavelength.