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Any personal reviews?

To me, honestly, the price of the KHG is the most likely candidate. Especially when you go straight to Alex Lin to purchase it off FB KHG group.

I don't have an apex nor do I see myself buying a new unit in order to pick it up. Alkatronic spending 900$ unless I can find a like new used one for 60-70% of the price and it is worth it will be hard to swallow.
I have seen the comparison numbers but I would like MR reviews because people seem more authentic, smaller community and easy to see most of your build threads to know what the long term success you have had, etc.

Any real review insights is much appreciated.

Should I go on a budget or do I really need to save up and go for Trident/Alktatronic? I think there is another option called Reefbot that I have seen with decent reviews if any of you have it, feel free to chime in as well.

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I have had the Trident since May. So no long term usage (I consider long-term to be a full year at least), but here we go:
- easy to install and setup: the APEX now has "tasks" which comprise of detailed instructions with clear pictures, and they have videos too
- calibration is as easy as setting up. With each new batch of reagents, you get a calibration solution. I use mine after about 2 days after reagents replacement
- the unit itself is nicely built. I looked at the vial where the tests take place (it is easy to access from the front) and was impressed by seeing that there is a tiny magnetic stirrer in there
- When it comes to the number of tests, since this is titration, your mileage will vary. Mine is about a month and a half. That can give you the idea on the cost
- I am not happy with the fact that you cannot set at what time you run the tests. I am fine with 4 tests (2 combined, and 2 alkalinity alone), but it would be nice to be able to offset the tests to make them somewhat coincide with the lights coming on/off
- Mg/Ca test results are a bit strange, as there seems to be a negative correlation between them, which as far as I know does not correspond to any explainable biological activity. Apparently Neptune are working on that. For this reason I am refraining from doing an all-auto dosing with the DOS.
- there is a known issue of lower accuracy when the reagents are low. For this reason people 3D-print an inverted cone to make the needles that go into the reagents bottles stay perfectly vertical. I received mine yesterday, but haven't used them yet.
- when it comes to the results, mine matched what I was getting with the Red Sea pro. I stopped using that one after a while.

There you go, my 2 cents.