I recommend that you move this conversation to the Group Buy forum and start putting together a list of people who are involved and how much they are willing to spend.


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Trana look at the first page I hgave been updating it A LOT. we are waiting on bryan. he is very low on stock and will be emailing me with frags that will be EXCLUSIVE to us. i will post them anbd we will make our picks.

The Great Rupert AKA AM

Originally posted by Trana:
Those are great zoos and look like they are well worth the wait.
They are deffinatly worth the wait. somtimes when I feel preasured to give in I tell myself "you are woirth waiting for."

Three Ways to Keep the Committment to Wait:

(1) Say "no" and keep repeating it. Don't offer reasons or excuses for saying "no".

(2) Take the offensive. State how the person's continued pressuring is making you feel or ask why he/she keeps pressuring you after you have said "no".

(3) Refuse to discuss the matter further. Walk away from the situation.

also somtimes you got to say stuff like

"If you care about me, you'll respect my feelings and not push me into doing something I'm not ready for"
"I don't have to do anything I don't want to. "
"If you really love me, you won't pressure me to do something I don't want to do."
"Well, I'm not everybody, I'm me. Besides, I know that's not true."
"I'm somone, and I'm not doing it."

I also recomend that if you have any questions acbout zoos that you talk to somone you trust like a parent or teacher, but NOT a priest. because they don't no much about inverts.

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The Great Rupert AKA AM

I got an email from bryan who says he will be taking pictuires either to day or tomorrow of the frags.

there will be 20-30 frags priced at 17.50
there will also be ablout 14 or 15 frags for $15
the smaller frags will be half the size of the larger frags. We will have a draft to see who gets what frags. It will go in order of who is spending the most. we don't have to be online all at once. you can email me what you want. "my first chose is large frag 4 but if I can't get it I'll take any other large orange frag. especally 7, 21, 16, or 2." UI will go last because I can see everyone's picks and i don't want my ass kicked because somone thinks I stole the frag they NEEDED

for losers like me we can have a live chat and anyone absent will be handled by me. even if you plan to show up send me picks just in case or you may end up with table scraps

Also can this thread be moved to the bulk deal section?

In the interest of full disclosure Bryan told me "there will be a special bonus bag for you for your efforts in getting the orders straight." I don't want my ass kicked by a bunch of reef geeks when I show up. I don't know if the special bonus is a naked picture of bryan or a frag. if it is indeed a frag it will go to the reef tank I am setting up at a day care place. So insted of getting mad at me, "think of the children"

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TG, let me know via pm or email if you want to use my office for this meeting. I have the room and the availability. Like I stated, it is centrally located (34th and 7th) near every train and subway in NYC.

Just trying to help out. Besides, I can let y'all look at the monster mantis, if it still exists when your order arrives.


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The zoos look nice!
(too bad there are none of those awesome red and blue ones)

Not sure where I am in the line up.. but for the first round I'd like # 1L (orange ring and blue center) alternates would be 8L, 13s, 10s


ok, TG must still be asleep

There were 40 pics/pieces sent to TG (seems a few aren't on here yet) that are for the group buy discussed in this thread.

I also included a lucrative price in the note for the entire lot of 40 (plus a few for karma)which would allow a bit more shopping power for your dollar. It's TG's call as to whether he wants to go that route and mention it here or privately.

Though I'm sure if you drop him a note, he'll explain the price difference to you.

There won't be any new pics on my site for sale until this group buy is finalized. They are pieces of the same morphs and patterns as the pics here, only not group buy priced.

So, to be clear, these pics on the previous page and a couple more TG should have, are not sold, they aren't being shown to anyone else but this board for this thread.

Hope that helped a bit.

PEace, and Thank you, Bryan Kile

The Great Rupert AKA AM

I thought that deal was only good if I came upo with the cash by the time the super bowl was over. I diddn't mention it because I didn't want to get stoned (with rocks not pot) when I met you guys. The deaL is in stead of paying 650 dollars for all this coral if we baught it ALL we could have it for the low price of 550. that wouls make small frags only 12.70 and large frags 14.80. but we would have to buy it ALL. even 4L. this is an ADDITIONAL discount of about 15 percent, 14.615384615384615384615384615385% to be exact. BTW prices normally range from 17.50 to 25.00. I'd be up for it, but considering a lot of the frags are similar if not the same it would be hard for no one to get doubles even if they had nothing already.

Yes, I HAVE posted the images. they are located on the 5th page.

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