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guys I just got this note from Andrew,


Everyone's accounts have been updated. If they already had an account set up
they just need to login and all prices will be the group buy prices. If
anyone has difficulty have them email me and we will get back to them as
soon as possible.



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I see the discount, it should just say the same price no matter how many you order.
1.25Pounds Activated Lignite Carbon
says this as prices
Base $7.99
4 - 6 $7.99
7 - 9 $7.99
10 - 30 $7.99
31 - 40 $7.99
41 - 50 $7.99


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My discounts are working. Instead of showing all of the different prices I only see the lowest price listed for the multiple item discounts. Saved $22 so far.

Still looking for anyone that wants to split shipping costs. I live in Jersey and work in the BX (Fordham). PM me if interested. :pimp:


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Westbury L.i
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its working for me!

for carbon ...get the ROX one..
for GFO..i think its the same...

but if your using a reactor...get the pebbly one...
and if your using it on a filter bag....get the pellet ones.


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if you login and log out you will see the price difference

Yep : )

people are often looking for it to show you somewhere how much you are saving but the prices are simply lower , there is no big red flag that says what it used to be. For simple reference most items are simply marked down to their maximum quantity discount.

If you want to check, log back out and see if the prices go back up.

I have updated everyone on the list that was sent to me (about 60 people) It is possible that some of you mistakenly were not put on the list I received so your accounts were not updated. If you feel this may have happened to you please email me and i will check to make sure. [email protected]

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