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ReefCleaners Group Buy 25% discount + free overnight! July 11-18th

(Group Buy is open from July 11-18th)

Hello again MR Community,
In my continuing effort to add a little something to MR experience, I decided to call over to one of the site's newest supporting vendors, Reefcleaners to express interest in organizing a group buy. The company specializes in Macro Algae along with offering helpful inverts to help compliment your tanks cleanup crew. John, co-owner of Reefcleaners was very helpful in detailing the tools that company has implemented to make group purchasing a breeze.

Here's the skinny: (benefit's of participating in the purchase)

  • Overnight shipping from Tallahassee, Florida will be included at no cost to my home in White Plains, NY 10605
  • Manhattan Reefs members will be entitled to a 25% discount on all of the items made available through their website.
  • Order's will be individually bagged to reduce stress on animals, along with keeping the order organized and the organizer sane.
  • Payment is easily handled through Paypal which is made directly to the company through the website. All discounted rates will be taken into account at the time of purchase
Here's the process:

  1. Visit the website to look over inventory http://reefcleaners.org/
  2. Add the items to cart, and use discount code "MRGroupBuy" during checkout to receive discount.
  3. Send me a PM, or post to the thread that an order has been placed. Specify items ordered, so I can cross check with the company to ensure the accuracy.
  4. I will acknowledge your participation by posting your screen name on a list in the first post
  5. The orders will ship on July 23rd, and delivery to my home is scheduled for July 24th here in White Plains
  6. I will post tracking information, and PM you with my contact information and address should you decide to pickup.
  7. Call or PM to make arrangements for pickup once I have either updated the thread to confirm delivery
  8. Next I will smile say hello, offer a polite greeting, probably say what's up, and then relish in the fact that I provided you with some new stuff.
Yeah, a little overboard. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. If I don't have clue, I know John is more then willing to help out.

To make this more accessible to other members, I'm open to driving out to Manhattan to meet up with another member who would be willing to distribute orders to all the locals. Please let me know asap if anyone is willing to take this on.

As always I feel it's important to specify that I am in no way affiliated with the ReefCleaners, nor do not have any special interests in placing this order with there company (not for profit and I will not be receiving anything free of charge). I'm just looking to get some nice stuff at an attractive price, and hopefully add something to the MR experience. :division:

I hope that I detailed everything out clearly, if not please send your questions, and I will do my best to clean things up. Mike (MikeyNYC)



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Reserved for order info

Confirmed orders (as of july 18th)
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Hey Mike I just placed my order thanks for organizing this group by.
1 penny macro algae
5 red mangroves
1 course chaeto w/ pods
1 ulva
10 blue leg hermit crabs
10 nerite snails (large)
20 zig zig periwinkles
5 limpets
5 nassarius vibex
5 emerald crabs
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Hey is it just me or there aren't many items available from the site??

Items are expected on soon, some macros, peppermints and emerald crabs. Check back on Tuesday.

Which prompted my next question,

Do you have a problem with people placing multiple orders? The answer was ofcourse no, if you want to place an order now to reserve inventory, and then a second order later should new items arrive, then the orders will be processed with the same benefits as the first (Free shipping & the 25% discount) No addtional charges will be incurred, but a separate payment will need to be sent. In attempt to keep Paypal fee's low, try to group items on as few orders as possible, rather than placing items on individual orders.

Where in Manhattan are you going to deliver to?

TBD, Will figure that out if someone in Manhattan decides to participate and take on the task. Additionally, Individuals from each of the boroughs could pickup for fellow neighbors and make additional arrangements. The details will be iron out soon, and should not be too much of concern.


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Bumping this is no use until there is a set pick up location in Manhattan. I'm sure there are quite a few people holding out on this deal until everything is sorted out.


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Joe, According to the site, a quanitity of 10 have been made available. Just process the order like you did before and the quantity will be reserved for your order. I will be doing the same, but I was only going to order 4


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yep, that is how many we will have after the ones that that have been pre-purchased. I may have more if those are out by the time you get there. we go through inventory pretty quickly.



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Mike, I just placed an order.

1 -- Penny Macro Algae
35-- Dwarf Cerith
25 -- Blue Leg Hermit Crab
20 -- Florida Cerith
25 -- Nassarius Vibex
5 -- Nerite Snails (Large)
1 -- Emerald Crab

I send you a PM too.

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