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Here is my Address so I don't have to keep PM'ing everyone:
Thanks all for participating in the GB and thanks to John for helping out as well.I will keep everyone posted as to when the package arrives.

Edit: Please do not post your personal info online. It's safer for all involved thanks.
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Nelson, for your protection and your family's safety, you should NOT post all that information. It might be a PITA to PM everyone, but it's much safer to do it that way. Remember, www=World Wide Web.



PM sent to the following,

charlie1225, cthoughts1, DrGonzo, ecvernon, finksmart, FRY, ILikeFish, iverson387, jasony816, junglebase, kasha, knugenx, krak256, meph, nyc reefer, regal, Thatguy96, tunicata, ZANYMASTER

please make sure I did not miss anyone, thanks guys.


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UPDATE: Zany is going to the post office now to get the other box, I certainly appreciate his help. If you have missed items because you picked up before the other package arrived, contact me directly, and we will try to work something out.

Because of the delays, there may be some losses, although many of our items can survive for long periods of time in transit. Ceriths, chitons and limpets are unlikely to move at all during the first day or two in the tank. That is just how they are. If the chiton is attached to its shell it is fine. If not, check to see if his underside is a bright orange, if so he is fine. After that, I wouldn't introduce it to the tank. Emerald crabs stay still in the bags, but should move around within 15 minutes after acclimation. Ceriths will not move, no tricks there, but they survive 3 day transport, I am not too worried about their safety. Algae will be fine. If you have any questions contact me directly through the site, I will try to answer emails as quickly as I can, I only have to leave for a 2 hours today/tonight to give my crew instructions for the night trip.


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I too have a couple of DOA's but it is all good...

How about showing some love through some feedback guys?:lol:

Nelson, do i give you feedback in the feedback files? is that what you meant? I would gladly do that (are you the seller or the buyer? or trade :eek::eek:) Thank you for doing this group buy!!!

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