Where do we want delivery.

  • Bay Ridge - 75th St. and 6th Ave. 2 blocks from 77st R train

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • LIC - A short walk from 1st 7 train stop in Queens

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • 128 Mott Street - Near 6,n,r,w,j,m,b,d,q stops

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • Near South St. Seaport - 7 blocks from F train

    Votes: 1 6.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

WT Inc

Experienced Reefer
ok guys!
Will be deliver via UPS guaranteed by 10:30 AM your time.

going to Karman's work place. Just in case, Karman's phone is 917-662-0506.

UPS tracking is:

There are two boxes . I am attaching invoices into the boxes too.
Please acclimate your corals. Bring Ice Chest/cooler . The less fluctuation of the temp is best for corals.

Chraddam will deliver Kenny's order Same day.
Karman will deliver Alfredo's order same day.

Thank you guys!!


WT Inc

Experienced Reefer
Dont track yet :biglaugh:, we will drop of the boxes at UPS at 4:30-5pm our time so i guess about 8-9 pm your time.

Still packing other GB for other forums. LOL>
Thank you Everyone for the GB order and thank you MR admins for allowing us to serve your forum. Wet Thumb Frags really appreciate your business.

By the way, We should be sponsor here very soon.

Will ask Josh to get us going here!!. Thank you))).


Advanced Reefer
Long Island
Thank you Educator. I believe that makes it more diffcult though : / I do appreciate the offer though. I am in Long Island. However I am in midtown tomorrow at 6 pm for acting school (but I don't get home til 12 am) : /. I can even commute to Queens if anyone in Queens can pick it up. Once again, thanks Educator.

WT Inc

Experienced Reefer

this is just a suggestion. Since you have only two pieces ( Beautiful Florida ricordea and Brain ) , they both are hardy . Perhaps someone who lives not too far from you can have them in their tank temporarily until you have time to pick up in a day or few days later when its convenient for you.

If you have Acroporas, i would be more worried and try to pick up the same day but with what you got, hopefully someone does not mind looking at them in their tank for a day or two?


Advanced Reefer
Flushing, NYC
I will notify once I receive the packages...if you cannot find parking, I can bring it down to you, but watch out for the traffic people. Meter parking is avail so bring quarters cuz it's $0.50 for 15mins...at the building lobby, the security will ask who you are looking for...tell them Knugenx on the 2nd floor...fastest way is to take the stairs on the left or if lazy take the elevator on the left.

Also, I may request to see some ID only because I haven't met most of yous and like hundreds of people are reading this thread at the moment knowing we have a HUGE shipment of AWESOME GOODIES.

It's like Christmas Eve again...sweet dreams.

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