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    i dont know if you are still looking for them but i have vivid darth mauls, captain america, real magicians, ding dang pe, rpe, and armageddons if your interested shoot me a email at angel_eyez842008@yahoo.com
    yo young blood whats good with you? i just set up a six side 40g im want to pick up some frag got anything good also the bak pak skimmer you had was that any good thats what i have for my tank? hit me up my cell is 914 374 2562 peace
    I dont know if you are interested in the 150 Oceanic that I had. Sorry it took much longer than I thought. If you are still interested let me know. I am writing to you before I post it becouse I knew you wanted it. Hope you are doing well.

    Hey bro yeah that auto top off unit what does it actually do I'm looking for something that will top off my evaporated water in my sump ,I have no experancie with this but I think that's what ur selling and also it does this with a pump right
    hey oliver,
    i saw your post on the for sale thread, you want to buy it?
    the reason i'm asking is, i go through sales 1st then trades.
    let me know what you wanna do
    oliver do you have .any more zooanthis . frag for sale call me leo I need tel...
    yo oliver whats up did you ever find the adapter for the LED lights ill still buy them from you...
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