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Just started my 1st saltwater reef tank. I've had african ciclids for years now and wanted to get my feet wet in saltwater aquariums. I bought the fluval spec which is 2 gal. I know, i did my research and I'v seen that its harder to maintain a small tank but so far it is going very well. One month in and I have live sand, a live rock, 2 hermit crabs, 2 snails, and just bought a small xenia 2 days ago. doing weekly water changes and checking salinity and temp. daily.....thinking of getting a green star polyps and a neon clove polyps to finish decor. any suggestions would be really feel complete maybe a clown or 2! if all goes well bye bye ciclids!


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Harry if you are going to use your phone. Just get the PHOTOBUCKET app for your phone and it will automatically upload all the pics. You make a photobucket account and then you just attach a link. I can show you at work, it is VERY EASY!