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Reef Graffiti
  1. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    *wallet turns to ashes*
  2. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    Full Phoenix
  3. P @ POTO:
    Go wild!
  4. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    Let the games begin! :devilish:
  5. P @ POTO:
    All remaining products are loaded on the site in this link:
  6. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    There is only like 50 left now
  7. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    Maybe as you've been loading them onto the website?
  8. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    They've been steadily disappearing since the clock struck about 9:55
  9. P @ POTO:
  10. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    AHHHHH!! It's attack of the langoliers! All the corals are disappearing! AHHHHH!! RUNNN!!!
  11. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    Thank ye! See you folks next go round!
  12. P @ POTO:
    That's a wrap guys! We welcome any feedback about your experience and will continue working to make it better!
  13. G @ GDiaz:
    See you guys on the next one! ✌️
  14. P @ POTO:
    Thanks guys it takes a lot of good ppl and hard work we appreciate your support
  15. G @ GDiaz:
    I agree
  16. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
  17. Salty Sea Flowers @ Salty Sea Flowers:
    hands down, the cleanest, and highest quality corals that I've ever purchased!
  18. G @ GDiaz:
    @TeamPOTO i got you guys because you always got me 🤙 I appreciate you guys!
  19. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    Makes hunting more of an easter egg hunt now LOL
  20. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    Wow...something just happened....the corals shuffled order or something. They're no longer in the order of first you posted to most recent.
  21. TeamPOTO @ TeamPOTO:
    Thank you for all your support, it means alot to us that we can grow and sell corals for a living and its all possible with great customers like yourselves
  22. P @ POTO:
    We have the best customers
  23. MINE! MINE! *Squawk* @ MINE! MINE! *Squawk*:
    LMAO! I'm certain I keep you guys laughing
  24. TeamPOTO @ TeamPOTO:
    thank you everyone else who joined us tonight
  25. TeamPOTO @ TeamPOTO:
    thank you gloria for sticking around till the end and im glad we were able to provide you 2 healthy fish that we know will survive for you !