Straightjiggy's 64G Rimless Reef Photos - 60D


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^^^^^^Naquan you take some killer pics...if I had an online website to sell corals I'm hiring you to take the pics!
Thx Kev!!! I like ya AVI message T5 all the way!

What do u dose in your tank besides alk cal and mag
B-ionic A, B, Mag
Lugols iodine
Elos Amino Acids (very low dosage)
Reef Bio fuel (on third week)

Bi-weekly water change 20G (Reef Crystals)


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where do you get such amazing corals!! I demand to know right now lol
not too many of these corals are new but i shop all over forums, websites LFS.. Lots of these corals come from vendors on MR

Are you shooting in the water or using a "lookdown" box. In some pics you are so close and detailed.
Through glass for most w/ Macro Lens
Last three photos where top down no flow...


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Nice very nice sir my tank is recovering pretty good should be back in full swing by December but your tank is looking good great job im almost there then you can take some pics of my stuff later

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