Ball of Snowflake Black Photons


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Barnum Island
Tank raised clownfish tend to do that, especially if they are in large numbers. I guess with being in a bare tank, they just take refuge in each other when spooked. Safety in numbers ?
That seems like the most likely reason. I was at a LFS once as they were adding a few new groups of tank raised clowns to their tanks, and they all did this (not quite as many as you have there lol!).

Great pic!


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Manhattan Reefs
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Staten Island
Beautiful clowns Sanjay! I already have a pair of your midnight photons that I love and I'm going to have to get my hands on these when they are available :)


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Unfortunately, I do not have any good pics of the Gen 2. I only raised a small batch once, and sent them off to Liveaquaria when they were still small, since I was heading out of the country for a month, and did not want to loose them.

I have one pair that is currently laying eggs, but I am not raising them. The tanks are occupied raising the snowflake black photons right now.