Anemones Show Em' Off :)


No More Room :-(
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Yes. I would have preferred a blue one but Craig has always wanted a red one. We had to rearrange the whole one side of the tank to give him plenty of room. It's worth it though, anemones are one of my many favorites.

I still miss the LTA we had...

Though I like this one better because of the lack of long tentacles. That LTA was intense. I know this one can also reach intense proportions and we are prepared to rearrange as need be. :)


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The clown has been watching him for a few days since I removed the zoanthid colony rock that he was hosting to the other tank temporarily.

Is that a red carpet ? It really looks Orange to me. 2nd nicest carpet I have ever seen congratz on a really awsome specimen. WOW just WOW!

Oh I found a pci of Vaporize's Orange carpet for comparison.

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Two of my 5..

this one is about 4" across and is one of 2 in my 120

This one is in my 33 cube and is about 16" across when he flattens out. He lives with 2 others ...a GBTA and a purple anenome, will post pics of those soon. The clown is one of the 2 I got from Austrialian Aaron before he moved back home.

Nice animals everyone!!


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This is my RBTA and it's the first anemone I have ever kept. When I got it (rescued) it, it was severely bleached, loosing tentacle and would not take food.


After a few months it finally started to color up. It's by far the favorite in my tank.


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