Anemones Show Em' Off :)


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oh btw i couldnt wait to have something the clowns would host and finally they hosted the carpet, but while sitting there watching the tank seen my wheeleri goby { longest fish i ever owned } swim by and barely touched the carpet, sad to say thats all it took, rip my little goby


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Here are my anemones...not the greatest shots, will try to get better ones some time soon:

Green Saddleback (Haddoni) Anemone w/ Black Saddleback Clown:
Stung the crap out of me recently after an attempt at saving a clown mistaken as prey:

Green Bubble Tip Anemone (GBTA):
Now hosting the only surviving Clarkii Clown :( that I got for free from "Devious" (thanks again!)

Condilactus Anemone:
Hosts an anemone shrimp now, can't see in pic

Rock Flower Anemone:
Have had it since the very beginning so it's about 3 years old now, has been bleached for about 2 months but regained full color now

The red haddoni is so much nicer than my green one lol where do you get them? And does anyone know if you can buy a pizza anemone? I know they're really sticky but I'm kind of interested in one


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Miodol Whats The Scintific Name For Those ? Selling Any ?

Stichodactyla Tapetum anemone maybe? often call "mini carpet" act just like other anemone. inflates to around half dollar sized will move around. right now they all on my big rocks. if i can get them out i'll bring some for ya at the swap.


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Purple with green tip bubble and LBTA that for whatever reason balloned inwards at night. These where in a 24 gallon aquapod under 150 mh

Both of these are gone and replaced by an RBTA, but I have been missing the purple one so I am getting one of it's clones back.