Photo of the Week Thread II

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About 20 cycles now Bob as its a fairly new colony. After playing around with about 25 odd species to date, i can tell if a particular species can handle imediate placement under such conditions within just one or two cycles by using a Nanoscope to observe the tips and lower tissue before any real damage is done. Some species though, just wont handle it unless they are grown from below the lowest tide mark into an exposure zone adapting as they go, which is one of the things im trying to study, ie what changes are taking place within a colony that previously couldnt handle extended or repeated exposures.

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Haven't checked this thread in a while, but I gotta say, LOVE THIS SH*T! (for obvious reasons :squid: ;)

Picture taken a year and a half ago with old camera canon sd600.. One of my 3 octopus in my 180 reef.. They lived about 8months after I got them..
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Some more pics. I apologize for the camera quality.


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