Yellow anemone


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If you need pictures etc. I can send you some. my true perc and false perc haven't taken a liking to it. It was occupied when I got the two. So they started hosting a gonipora instead and haven't tried going to the anemone. **


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New Jersey
Evo yours without a better shot is probably a malu anemone(HETERACTIS MALU). The base of that anemone is usually yellow orange or white with spots on the base near where the tentacles and base meet.

The other anemone if it looks like the one in the link Meadowlane posted it is a dyed Sebea Anemone(HETERACTIS CRISPA). These anemones are most common dyed anemones. They usually white and soak up the color very very well. When the tentacles are yellow good indiction its bleached or dyed.

Heres the other kicker to this. Sebea and Malu anemones are often confused and mislabeled as one and other because they look so similar. Even big name online retailers list them as Malu Sebea anemone, confusing but incase its either one it fits.

Here is a pic of my malu and a sebea together.