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JHOV2324 said:
Well I bought the wet/dry cause I thought it was the best filtration unit, I've heard about the nitrates it causes. I also have a protein skimmer and a refugium which is another source of filtration as well as the Live Rock, what would you recommend as a filtration unit besides a wet/dry.
Protein skimmer, LR and fuge is all the filtration you need. No need to use a wet/dry or anything else. This is all said making the assumption that your skimmer is adequate.

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If you like the blue legged hermits more than the bummble bee snail then it will be fine because one day you will see the hermits having a good dinner out of the snails.
But if you like the bummble bee snails more, you should reconsider to stay away from blue legged hermits. They are known to most reefers that they will eat snails and I found them especially fond of eating the bummble bee snails.

If the maroon does get aggressive some time in the futre, before adding another fish that you praised, rearrange the landscape first and thus disturb and misled the clown that she herself is in new place to lower down her aggression.


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I wont be adding any other fish, and the maroon was the last fish added. My blue legged hermits are kinda to big to want the bumble bee shell, but if they eat it for food then damn, that sucks, I only have 2 bb snails and one has been missing. I guess they got to him huh, I do like the bLue hermits, they are more active day and night, scarlets hide alot, so does my orange legged hermit