What a stink!!


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My wife says to me the other day "There is a bad stink coming from the tank" Im thinking why would it smell there is nothing in there but the snails.

So i look at the smaller snail he's fine just chugging along the bottom and then i flip over the bigger snail and hes dead as a door nail. Now im wondering can this thing really smell THAT bad? I take him out of the water and nearly puke, that was one of the most putrid smells i have ever come across.

Could that be the reason the ammonia has been increasing a color a day on the test chart?


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unless it's a golfball size turbo snail i don't see why the ammonia would go up so much. i think it has to do more w/ the cycling than anything. i could be wrong but a dead snail in a 55g shouldn't cause problems.


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The ammonia increasing is because you have things in the tank, live sand and the snails, and the additional increase is probably from the snail dieing.

When things die, even in a well estblished tank, they smell horrible if you don't take them out right away.


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bad coffee said:
I leave them in for food for the scavangers. No need to smell that smell, EVER again.

Only problem right now is hes the was the only thing in the tank lol! I didnt have a choice, dead rodents that bake in the attic skylight have a better smell. It was like......like.....dead ass......onions....and...and....hot garbage! BLECH!

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If you are cycling the tank and smells bad, that means your bacteria level is not enough. Taking the dead snail out would help to reduce the smell only a little because there will still be die off from your rocks..... Since your other snail is living, why not have some one hold for you because it will likely to be dead too in couple of days.

When a tank that smells very bad at the beginning finished cyclying, the bio filtration capacity of it will be very high. Therefore, if it does not bother your daily life, I would let it be.
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do u have a skimmer yet... if you have one smell a weeks worth of dark skimmate then have ur wife smell that tell her if she tries to smell ur tank one more time she gonna be drinking it lmao....... :joke:

give it time for the tank to cycle u shouldnt have that smell for much longer...

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