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PA =(
OH **** old test kits are bad!?!?omg i have no idea what my ammo,nitrite and nitrate levels are,I feel so vulnerable:(!!I need to get some more test kits.


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saltwater soon!

Hello, I started saving $$ to get a saltwater setup. I know it can run high but well worth it. I have an idea of what I would like to setup, a 50 gallon FOWLR. hopefully it wont be to difficult. Eventually (after some experience) get some corals. I have been reading a few books and plan on reading some more. I know I will have lots of questions so I may have to say thanks in advance!




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tom if you are going just fowler it is alot less $$$ and depends on tank size and type of fish you want to keep, look on the for sale forum you might find a good deal on complete set up


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I would appreciate your help and advice. I'm new to the hobby I have a RSM 130d and would like some advice on led lighting. I've looked at the Rapid,Modular,and Steve's retrofit kits which do you like best
hey everybody im a newbie to the reef aquariums, ive been doing freshwater for almost a year and about a month or so ago i decided to give saltwater a try, and what better way than to do it with a nano reef, so far the tank is very basic, 10 gallons, with a 30 gallon aqueon hang filter for water flow basic 20 gallon heater and fluval LED lighting. the tank only has 2 clown fish and a cleaner shrimp so far and im working on adding coral life as well. ive added a zoanthid frag over a week ago and im still trying to get the hang of it, what are some other easy starter corals you would recommend?

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