a few questions for everyone, i am running a 20 gallon reef tank size is 24x12x10 with a 30 gallon aqueon filter, 20 gallon marine land heater, and i just added a new LED hood setup with 3w lights. my tank isn't really at the potential i think it should be, I've been running it for about 8-9 months and the corals don't seem to be as active as they used to. so what id like to know is, should i run a skimmer? what are some easy ways of maintaining a better salinity level? are there any other suggestions you'd like to throw in or is there any more info you need?


Budd Lake, NJ
I am a beginner to the saltwater tank and it's setup. My question is on algae. Should I be "removing" the algae from the glass? What is considered good and bad algae?


New Reefer
Like to say hello to the reefer I've been in the hobie for a while but never cycled with dead rock so I finished the cycle my question is can I use microbecter7 together with stability or do they cancel each other out

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