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Current-USA claims that there four L.E.D power bright light produces 50/60 Lumens per fixture at 10,000 K and actinic. Does this mean that if I place four of them on my Nano 24G im good to go?? Good Shimmer No heat and good depth lighting. Sounds to good to be true. I know that LED is going to be the future in lighitng. Just wondering if were there yet.

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lumen is a way to measure how bright it is. PAR is a way to measure how much light is used by the corals. Therefore, lumens mean nothing to corals, but for our own visual enjoyment.

I personally would not use these except as moon lights for my tank, or a fish only tank.
Yes, LEDs is the light of the future, but don't expect a night light to be your chandelier
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The Powerbright is not poweful enough for your choice even for supplemental unless you cluster a lot of them together. The ones I sold to BL007 consists of 30W of bulbs(more advanced than the ones in Powerbright) for supplemental lighting. The power bright is good enough for actinic viewing of your tank if you cluster enough of them on your tank.

You need ~108W of my optimized LED to replace a 250W Mh in your 24G setup.
You need ~54W of my optimized LED to replace a 150W Mh should you decided a 150W is enough for your 24G
I usually pack 3 times to 6 times more power for the same amount space of the Powerbrite.
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