Spring cleaning - part 2


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Flushing, NY
Going to be re-doing my tank a bit, so it's time to let go of some stuff. :(

-Orange and Green Montipora Colonies with a 2" sunset montipora on 7-8LB piece of Live rock - $70 OBO

Green Mushroom/Paly rock (2lb piece of live rock): $20

-Squamosa Clam (9") - $125 OBO (had this clam for quite a number of years)

-Dr. Mac Pink with Purple Polyps Birdsnest 2-3" Frags - $10

Pics to come ... or PLEASE in a PM or RB, leave me your cell phone number and I will snap one and send it over.

NOTE* if you want the clam, monti rock or hammer you will need to bring a bucket or a rubbermaid container.

LOCATION: Flushing (11358)

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