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How are you liking those ATI Strattons? What made you go with them over let's say Radion Gen 5"s or Orphek Atlantik V4's?
I love them, I'm dying for one more. Ideally I should've had 4 all this time but unfortunately things don't always work out.

Anyways, I tried Radion XR30 Gen 4s on my 150 cube and although the design on the Gen 5s is totally different, I really hated the spotlight effect of them. Relative to price, they don't seem to offer nearly as much coverage. I figured I'd need at least 8 XR30s to get decent coverage over my tank, which is about $7300 with tax.

The ATI Straton is just a beautiful fixture in comparison, silent due to the passive cooling. Sleek design, it's honestly no thicker than the diameter of a nickel and one fixture covers 30"30" with no issue. Even at retail if I bought all 4 fixtures they're still cheaper ($4,750) than Radions and much better quality IMO.

My other choice was ReefBreeder Photons V2

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Lol...I have the reefbreeders photon V2's running down the middle of my tank with a pair of Orphek 60" OR3's in front and a pair in back...angled in towards the center. Each pair of OR3's is made up of a Reef Day and a Blue Plus. Did you consider the Orphek Atlantik V4 gen 2's?


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