I have not updated the thread in a while and since it went through some large changes I figured I would show it.
The original thread was getting too long

You will notice almost a total lack of corals except for a few gorgonians and the addition of more than 20 gobies.
The loss of corals was due to two accidents last year while I was away for a family emergency. My Mother (who is 97) was found unconcious and we had to stay with her 24/7 for two weeks in a Hospice. I also had a problem when my town added zinc orthophosphate to my water in a large dose exhausted my DI resins.
Anyway, thats another story.
I always wanted this tank to be filled with smaller unusual gobies that would breed and just be interesting. Over the years I have kept just about all the fish that are for sale and it was time to go for something else. The problem was that I kind of like hippo tangs, moorish Idols, and copperbands so I never had the room to do this. The only larger fish I have is one hippo, a pair of Bangai cardinals and an old fire clown.
With all these smaller gobies I still have to hatch brine shrimp every day and I still also feed live blackworms almost every day.
The cardinals are breeding as are a pair of gobies. Unfortunately they do it under a rock in a part of the tank where I can't see.
Everything seems fat and healthy, the nitrates are still about zero, I still only change 20% of the water about five times a year and everything else is the same except I retired and started a part time business in December.
There are five of these gobies in the bottom picture, two of which are breeding and the other three are fighting.
Have a great day.


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This little yellow fish I discovered in there this year. I really don't know where it came from. (Awilda I think you saw it) I rarely see it and I don't know what it is but it is not a clown gobi. The picture is up side down because he is usually in a cave. I only glimpse it occasionally every few weeks as it darts out for food. It is much faster and secretive than a clown gobi and never swims out in the open. There are two other smaller yellow gobies there also that are not clowns either but they were advertised as such.
That sloppy picture is a part of my workshop. The 5 gallon tank is dedicated to local animals, mostly snails, worms and crabs. There is a brine hatchery on top of it. The blue pail is the fresh water tank which feeds the reef through a tube over the ceiling 30' away. It gravity fills the tank with RO water which you could see in the rear. The smaller tank on the left is live blackworms, I don't leave home with out them :bablefish


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