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This morning about 6:00am it was still kind of dark and very foggy. I mean pea soup foggy but me not being a Snowflake decided to take my morning walk. I usually walk about three miles almost every morning just because my knees feel like they have broken glass in them and walking seems to make them feel a little better, until I stop of course. Then they feel worse but pain is good because it lets you know you are still on the right side of the grass.
I had one knee replaced but It feels worse so I keep asking my Doctor if he can find my old knee and put it back in. 😧
So after I walked about 100 yards and passed over this dead snake I started down this long country road. The road is a mile and a half long and forest on both sides.
Foggy road.jpg

The fog was getting thicker and it was getting quieter. Not that it was noisy before but I could hear birds and the occasional wood chuck arguing with a rabbit.
Now the fog completely engulfed me and I could almost hear the voice of Rod Seirling. (Google him)
I couldn't see anything and now it was dead quiet. I could barely see my own feet but I could smell something that kept me going. It was the unmistakable smell of wet horse and I know there is a rescue horse ranch on this road. But something was "off". :confused:

As I walked I thought I could hear, very faintly the theme music from the "Twilight Zone".
I felt like I was walking through a time warp and wasn't sure what day it was. Heck, I couldn't even tell what year it was and I worried that when I emerged from this noxious atmosphere that I would be swept back in time to the 1940s and didn't know if I would come face to face with HITLER or Susan Sarandan, who smokes by the way. :oops:


The smell of wet horse got stronger and through the fog,I could see horses. They weren't pulling plows or sporting Swastikas which I figured was a good sign.
I could now see a glimpse of the sky half expecting to see a couple of Bi-planes sporting vintage machine guns but thankfully they didn't appear.
I made it to my turn around point and started heading home with the knowledge that all was well and I was still in my own time zone.
That was until I entered my house and my wife was churning butter wearing a corset and a hoop skirt :sick:

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This morning like most mornings I got out of bed at 5:15, got dressed to go out for a walk and immediately got a flashback from Nam because there is a monsoon outside. In Nam I had no choice and had to live in it but here I have a nice warm house so I decided not to walk today.

I decided to bake muffins like I often do for a few reasons. I like them, my wife likes them and I can't go out so what else an I going to do at 4:15?

As I am waiting for them to bake I was thinking of all the times I do walk in the morning and all the deer I see so early. These things are all over the place. I wish purple tangs were so common.

Most people here think of the deer as a big problem because they don't look both ways when they cross streets and don't make good hood ornaments.

I am quite sure the deer think of us as pests but I am guessing as although I can read the mind of a copperband butterfly, deer minds confuse me and I don't get much incite from what they are thinking. Looking into the black eyes of a deer is like looking into the eyes of a flounder. Not much going on.

They did put "Deer Crossing" signs all over the place but many times the deer ignore those signs and cross the streets in other places.


Over the years there have been plans on how to limit the numbers of deer but with 4 or 5 million people with opinions, nothing gets done. It's like fish forums, everyone has an opinion and the outcome is almost always to change the water.

At one time the government hired hunters to cull the population. Of course that is only a temporary solution and people cried out about the cruelty.
I myself don't shoot deer or even deer ticks and also don't like that idea. I don't eat deer meat but I do eat hamburgers which are humanly grown in a supermarket

Even if they killed 100 deer, there are tens of thousands of them and more of them get hit by cars than that every month.

There was a plan to feed the deer birth control pills. They would drop bales of food by helicopter laced with birth control pills.
That didn't work because the way a deers hoofs are built, they have a hard time getting the pills out of those little round plastic containers they come in and the deer never knew what day it was so even if they could pry the pills out, the dosage was off.

Also the bucks, or male deer were eating them and it started to make them grow long eyelashes and many people would complain that when they were watching Oprah, the deer would look at the TV through their window instead of running after females like bucks are supposed to do.

There is an Island here called Shelter Island and a lot of wealthy people lived there. Many of them got rich from whaling. (They killed all the whales then started to kill other things but that is for another useless thread.) Anyway they wanted to grow gardens and they couldn't because the deer would eat everything, so the residents came up with a plan.

The Island isn't that big so they hired these people to come to the Island with huge fishing nets. They got a few hundred people and started walking the nets through the Island trying to force the deer all to one side where they would have a barge waiting. The idea was to herd the deer onto the barge and let them go on the mainland. (Originally they were going to shoot them but the people started protesting. They figured it was much more humane to pry the poor animals from the grill of a 1929 Oldsmobile )

At first it looked like it was working and almost all the deer were in the nets going on to the barge. Thats when the Island occupants learned that deer could jump six feet and swim like Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan)

There were Deer swimming all around the Island and the Coast Guard had to be called to chase the deer out of the water because now they were a hazard to navigation. Inadvertently, all the deer ended up back on the Island and now, after swimming all day they were hungry so the little vegetation that was still on the Island was quickly devoured by the deer.

Now the Island residents were up here.


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I just got back from the Bone Doctor. I went for cortizone shots in both knees because my knees are sucky. Commercial construction in Manhattan for 40 years messes up your knees because everything is 1,000lbs, even lunch. :confused:

So I get there and roll up my two pants legs, I actually wore sweats for this and the Dr, assistant said why did I roll up both legs. I said, both knees don't work and both feel like I have tiny sea urchins playing polo in there.

She said, she can't do anything with the left knee which is a titanium one because there is no more arthritis in there, just inflamed tendons and she can't fix those.
Another knee replacement, like the original knee doc wants to do would only make it worse so I am stuck.

I asked if she could fix the right knee and she said, any small amount of meniscus left in there is shreaded and it is bone on bone so I am just pinching the nerves when I move. Nothing can be done except a new knee.

I told her the other one didn't work out to well and I can't be laid up because my wife has MS and I even have to put her shoes on. She can't live without me for a day, much less a year.

So she told me I am in between a hard place and a rock covered in long spined sea urchins so a new knee is the only option.

I can take over the counter pain meds like Tylenol or Dr Pepper.
She gave me the cortizone shot and I can take them every three months until I croak, so that was good news. :)