Fish trap


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clear water bottle trap seems to actually work for me,
1. use xacto to cut 1 hole looking like this * mid level of the bottle (might need several cuts), make sure the opening is just small enough for the fish to get in
2. bend these cuts into the bottle
3. bait the bottle trap

believe it or not this worked for me, however it is a waiting game. you'll have to pull the bottle out fast cause it wil take only a few minutes for the fish to figure out the trap and it won't work again (some intelligent fishes out there)


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if you could spare some time, or free times.. i read that you could train your fish into going into the net. Just place the net in the tank and place food inside everytime when you feed them. maybe around the one or two week mark, all the fish will swim into it and not be afriad of the net.

It really does work, but take some patience and time.