Four more 'Fish Tank Kings' video clips!

A tight fit is an understatement.

We hope you’re enjoying the clips of Fish Tank King’s upcoming episodes as much as we are.  The video clips Advanced Aquarist has shared thus far show great potential for education and a balanced and responsible portrayal of our hobby (sprinkled with a dash of drama for TV).  Nat Geo just released four more clips, which further fortify our hope for the show.

Fish Tank Kings will premiere on May 12, 2012 at 10pm on Nat Geo TV.  Read about Fish Tank Kings.

Francis Yupangco visits Tennessee Aquarium to fix a habit-poisoning problem harming their Giant Pacific Octopus.


Anyone with a large aquarium can sympathize with the difficulty just getting the tank through their doors.  Watch Living Color Aquarium navigate a 8ft x 4ft metal stand and filtration into a customer’s home.


Poor Jose is left to build a tank for racing star Ryan Hunter-Reay virtually on his own.


Educational outreach programs are important to instill children with an appreciation for aquatic life.  Living Color invites a group of kids from a local youth center on a tour of their warehouse.

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