Fragging Acropora: Extreme Edition [video]

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Machado deSousa posted a new video at ReefCentral sharing his technique for fragging Acropora one polyp at a time.  Watch as Mr. deSousa:

  1. Cuts a “normally sized” Acropora frag from the parent colony.
  2. Snips off a single polyp from this frag.
  3. Transplants the single polyp into the hole located on a rubber cap for a flower stem holder.
  4. Add a disinfecting iodine solution (using Tropic Marine Pro Coral Cure) into a flower stem holder.
  5. Place the rubber cap (with Acropora polyp) over the holder filled with iodine solution.

Mr. deSousa says frags mounted this way are more resistant to infection;  This is because the freshly cut end of the frag/polyp is continually submerged in the iodine solution of the plastic vile.  It normally takes about a mouth for the single polyp to encrust over the rubber cap and produce a second polyp.  The micro-frag grows exponentially from there on out.

This may not be the most practical fragging technique for average hobbyists, but Machado de Sousa is no average hobbyist:  Read more about his incredible 8000L Portugal coral farm.

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