A few days ago I had an opportunity to visit one of Manhattan Reefs members- Richie Karagozler- and to photograph his awesome 450g mixed reef tank. I made myself a goal that I would leave with at least few good fluorescence shots so I could make another free wallpaper for Reefs.com Blog readers. Here’s how it ended up:

You can download them by clicking on the images; they will automatically load a high resolution version of the image. From that you can right-click and choose “Save As…” to download the wallpaper.

First is a Hammer/Anchor Coral (Euphyllia ancora). It is a Large Polyped Stony Coral that has characteristic kidney-shaped polyps that extend in all directions.

Click for wallpaperThe second image is an all-time favorite Chalice Coral (Echinophyllia spp.). Chalices are one of the best-colored group of corals and their fluorescence spectrum doesn’t disappoint either.

Click to download wallpaper


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