Flashback Friday: Eight reef aquariums from around the world 

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Let’s take a trip around the world!

HONG KONG | This aquarium epitomizes Asian reef tanks: immaculate and high tech.  Lights are a pair of Aqua Illumination Sol LEDs. Water movement is created by tunze 6055 in pulse mode and Ecotech MP40 in lagoon mode working together to create waves.   Fair warning: you may want to mute the music.

LATVIA | Here’s a lush 140L (37 gallon) reef that looks a lot bigger then it really is. The tank is lit by a DIY LED system consisting of 14 Cree XP-G White, 24 Cree XP-E Royal Blue, 12 UV Purple 405 nm – all powered by Mean Well ELN-60-48D Dimmable driver.  A vortech MP10 and Hydor Koralia Nano 1600 provide the current, and skimming is accomplished with a H&S Type A-110-F2000.


UNITED KINGDOM | This “squat” tank measures 48″L x 30″W x 24″D and is beautifully aquascaped.  While still young, it’s easy to see how this reef will mature into a spectacular display.


KUWAIT | You are looking at a professional 1000L (280g) acrylic aquarium.  The system is “specially designed for SPS corals, with a combo of closed loop & tunze Turbelle water circulation system. Filtration is simply an open type (Berlin) sump with refugium, Deltec Skimmer, Deltec Calcium Reactor, Deltec Kalkwasser, Deltec UV Sterilizer, Phosban + Carbon fluidized reactors, Sfiligoi Chiller. Lighting fixture is a custom made 6*400 watt MH + 6*150 watt Super Actinic VHO. The entire system is controlled through an Aquatronica Control System. The system is mainly maintained with Brightwell, Deltec and Caribsea supplements.”


CHILE | Yes – reefkeeping is alive and well in South America. No information is available on this system, so let’s just enjoy the video of a truly beautiful captive reef from south of the equator.


THAILAND | Despite Thailand being home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural reefs, it’s still hard to resist having a reef of your own.  Like the Chile tank, no details are provided on this system.  It is reminiscent of healthy “old school” systems from the late 90s, with crushed corals, LPS and soft corals, and a “reef wall” aquascaping.  Reminds me of the good ol’ days!


GREECE | In the birthplace of democracy, mixing LPS, SPS, and soft corals creates vibrant results.  vortech pumps make yet another appearance.  No further information is available.


GERMANY | This Aqua Medic Percula 120 bowfront system (468L/120g) is clearly a mature reef tank, with SPS corals growing to the very top of the water.

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