From Poland With Love

Healthy fish, healthy SPS, healthy LPS … Poland shows us how it’s done!

Need proof that reefkeeping is truly international?  Last year, we shared videos of eight reef aquariums from around the world: Hong Kong, Latvia, the UK, Kuwait, Chile, Thailand, Greece, and Germany.

Now it’s Poland’s turn.  First up is a lovely mixed stoney reef.  We don’t have much information on this tank except that it is 570 liter (150 gallon) and employs NP Reducing Bio-pellets. What a beauty!

Next we have Krzysztof’s 750 liter (198 gallon) reef tank, which has been featured on many websites such as (read details about Kryzsztof’s aquarium).  This is another example of a tank utilizing Bio-pellets and Zeovit methodology to produce sparkling clean water and incredible stoney coral growth and pigmentation.  Krzysztof’s tank is one of the most colorful reef displays we’ve ever seen … no doubt the envy of reefkeepers throughout the world.

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