GE Adventure Series CT Scanners

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GE Adventure Series CT Scanners

Reef-inspired imagination serving a great purpose

Having just read a MedCityNews article, I am compelled to share how our beloved coral reefs have inspired GE designers to create something truly special for children’s medicine.

CT Coral City Adventure is one of nine themed imaging rooms in GE’s Adventure Series designed to make the frightening experience of X-rays, CT and MR scans more inviting for pediatric patients.  From the “submarine CT bed” to the brightly painted reef motifs throughout the entire room, children receive the medical care they need while embarking on a grand undersea adventure.


The last thing children who face scary medical tests need to experience is a sterile hospital room filled with imposing and stark medical machinery. GE designers went to work “leverag[ing] captivating characters, lush visuals, and hands-on activities to enhance the imaging experience for children and their families.”  And thus the ‘Adventure Series’ was born.


GE’s latest slogan is “imagination at work.”  Can you think of better way to describe these imaging rooms?  It’s not simply the imagination of GE’s designers that make their slogan so fitting.  It’s that their designs engage the imaginations of children in the most unlikely of places.

(Kids will have to forgive the artists for painting freshwater angelfish.  But then again, there’s a Toucan piloting a submarine.)




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