Geisemann Unveils Megachrome Crystal

by | Jul 20, 2011 | Equipment | 2 comments

Today Geisemann announced a new flavor of metal halide bulb known as Megachrome Crystal.  This DE bulb is available in 150 and 250 watt versions, and promises a new spectrum of colors with a pink overtone to accent fluorescent colors in corals.  In addition, Geisemann claims that this bulb is designed to provide consistent output with a lifecycle of over 3 years.  Additional details should be on the Geisemann website shortly.

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  1. Sanjay Joshi

    Time to fire up the spectroradiometer.

  2. Jared Goldenberg

    I just pictured Sanjay dressed as Dr. Evil with his pinky to the corner of his mouth as he typed that. Followed by a gratuitous “MUAHAHAHAHAHAH”


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