Georgia Aquarium resident Beluga Whale, Maris, gave birth early Sunday morning to a female calf. What a special Mothers Day for the Aquarium! The calf was born coming in at almost 60 inches long and 126 pounds and successfully swam to the surface to take her first breath of air. The Georgia Aquarium has temporarily closed the Beluga Exhibit to allow mom and baby some private time to bond and to ensure that all of their needs are properly met. Both mom and baby will receive 24 hour monitoring and care in this crucial period after birth. The birth of this beautiful calf marks a significant achievement for the Georgia Aquarium, as the new calf is born of two parents who were also born in human care. Maris was born at the New York Aquarium and her mate, Beethoven, was born at Sea World San Antonio. The Georgia Aquarium has a blog where you can receive updates on both mom and baby. MORE

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