Giant Acropora

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big green
Many dream of having a forest of large Acropora colonies thriving in there own captive reef aquarium.  This colony is almost two feet across.  It is a very hardy specimen that was grown from a small fragment.  The rapid growth rate of this specimen can send branches up and out of the water in time.  It typically has a staghorn formation with thick branching at the base.  The branches that grow to the surface will eventually develop a blunt dead zone if not trimmed as they approach the surface.  Although the color of this coral is a more common green it still has much appeal.  The formation and fast growth rate are its best qualities.  This coral has been called a green slimmer as a common name and is well known for the thick slime it produces.  Strong lighting and large amounts of random flow are essential as the colony matures to continue growing.  If flow is reduced or too much shading occurs the colony can begin to show necrosis.  Understanding these few things and providing a stable environment with good water quality can make this dream come true.  With some dedication and a little luck anyone can own a giant Acropora of their own.


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