A Giant, Giant Clam

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Science | 0 comments

My job is pretty cool. Not only do I farm coral all day long, but I get to take part in some of the happenings of a thriving public aquarium. Sometimes it’s wrestling stingrays or wrangling monitor lizards, and other times, it’s moving enormous, giant, really big clams.

Recently, a local hobbyist decided to take down his long-running 1,200 gallon reef aquarium following a house fire. A testament to his success was a huge Tridacna clam. Weighing in at 98.4 pounds this beast was enormous! Where do you put an almost 100 pound clam when you’re taking down rather large aquarium? One good option is a beautifully healthy 14 year old, 20,000 gallon reef aquarium run by reefing legend Joe Yaiullo. I look forward to watching this animal grow and thrive in its new home!


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