Giant Green Moray Eel on the Superior Producer

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Reef, Science | 0 comments

Hey gang, here’s a monster Green Moray Eel that our friend Emma found yesterday on the “Superior Producer”, a giant cargo ship that sunk in the 1970’s  near the famous Mega Pier in around 120 feet of water and is now one of the top dive spots on the island.

Green moray eels, Gymnothorax funebris (Ranzani, 1839), aka black moray, green cong, green conger, green congo, green eel, and olive-green moray eel, are one of the most common and one of the largest of the moray eels. These eels average 4 feet in length, but can grow up to be 8 feet long and weigh up to 64 pounds. The dark green to brown color comes from a yellowish mucous that covers its blue skin to provide protection from parasites and infectious bacteria. Additionally, they are often camouflaged to hide in the reef from unsuspecting prey. Camouflage often extend into the mouth of the green moray which continually opens and closes slowly to move water over the gills for respiration. MORE


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