Giant Underwater Hermit Crab

by | May 26, 2016 | Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

Hi all, as I was heading out to photograph the sub I found the largest hermit crab I have ever seen in these waters, the old Queen conch shell alone that he is carrying around measures at least 10 inches across!! The crab itself is completely unafraid of anything as you can see above, I was in his or her face and he could have cared less and just kept posing for me.

I also observed the crab in motion, walking in a sideways pattern, and get this, he or she can cover about a meter (3 feet) in less than 5 seconds, that’s one fast crab!! I sent this photo to my friend Darryl so we should know soon what his name is….

OK, I just heard back from Darryl L. Felder, PhD who is the professor of Biology at the University of Louisiana, he said we are looking at a Petrochirus Diogenes, one of the largest hermit crabs in the Caribbean. He said it can grow to twice this size and is usually found further offshore but occasionally will find it’s way to shallow waters. Thanks a million Darryl!!   MORE


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